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Adler Journalism Building
Art Building West
Becker Communication Studies Building
Beckwith Boathouse
Biology Building Bridge
Blank Honors Center
Boyd Law Building
Campus Recreation and Wellness Center
Chemistry Building
Carver-Hawkeye Area
Cleary Walkway
Dey House
Eckstein Medical Research Building

Gerdin Athletic Learning Center
Hygienics Lab Iowa City
Iowa Memorial Union
Karro Hall of Fame
Kinnick Stadium
Lindquist Center
Medical Education Research Facility
Schaeffer Hall
Stuit Hall
Theatre Building

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Hygienics Lab - Iowa City South and West of Carver-Hawkeye Arena Kinnick Stadium Fieldhouse Gerdin Athletic Learning Center South of Boyd Law Building Eckstein Medical Research Building Medical Education Research Facility Art Building West Theatre Building Dey House, Glenn Schaeffer Library West side of IATL Blank Honors Center Chemistry Building Iowa Memorial Union Adler Journalism Building Becker Communication Studies Building Schaeffer Hall Lindquist Center Campus Recreation and Wellness Center Karro Hall of Fame Biology Building Bridge Beckwith Boathouse Stuit Hall Cleary Walkway
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